Gather the right people and organize your AIoT tasks

Setup the team that will work for you, with the right skills and proper workflows. Direct them towards your goals to meet deadlines.

Recruiting AIoT experts

Find the right people according to the tasks, business culture and AIOT skills that will suit your project. Embedded developers, full stack engineers, platform advocates...

Continuos delivery workflow

Organize the different teams, tools and flows to lower the time to deliver your AIoT product versions to market

Development Teams

Organize your development team, coordinating people in business with project managers and developers. Get the right requirements clear and ready.

QA team

Deliver first quality products with a complete QA methodology lined-up with timing and avoiding bottlenecks. Different versions of a platform protocol with different models of edge devices can take time to go through QA.

3rd party integrations

Integrate 3rd party teams into the flow, either outsourced or in-house. For instance, external hardware manufacturers with in-house embedded developers

Plan, followup and execute

Create an agile culture within all the AIoT members and allow the edge and the platform to deliver integrated and tested products right on time.

Agile business friendly

Integrate your sales actions with your agile culture and reduce the gap between the needs and your go-to-market. Sales cycles in AIOT are long, so you need to reduce the time you need to convince your lead.

Crisis management

Software fails and projects give problems. Find the correct actions to mitigate colateral effects, organizing tasks and people. Imagine that your IoT devices start losing connectivity and your customer starts losing revenue. You need to act.

Launching a new AIoT project and need to organize your team?

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