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"Experto Credite", Virgil (Book XI, line 283)

Experto crede is a Latin motto which means Trust in one experienced; literally: "(the/an) expert trust".

In the variant form experto credite it is a quotation from the Aeneid by Virgil (Book XI, line 283).

It is usually used by an author as an aside to the reader, and may be loosely translated as: "trust me", "trust the expert", "believe one who has tried it", or "have faith in experience". When "crede" is followed by a personal name (e.g., crede John Smith), the expert in question is the name given.

Source: Wikipedia

Design and deploy IoT and AI solutions

Instead of starting from scratch training your team and learning step by step, hire experts to give shape to your project accurately and fast

Plan and control budget and timelines

Use our expertise to plan the tasks you will need to create your project, recruiting and teaching your team. Knowing where the problems may arise you'll meet deadlines

Interim business unit management

Create a business plan and execute it, recruiting, controlling and establishing partnerships and vendors. When the new business is running, we transfer it to you

Hire experience

Accelerate your IoT & AI adoption selecting the right architecture, edge devices and communications

Partner with adequate companies in the IoT ecosystem

Organize the development and business teams to get your plan running

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