Plan, build and execute AIoT software and cloud projects

Interim services for defining an AIoT project, with recruitment, budget definition, task planning, task assignment, progress followup OR team coordination

Temporary management of...

Project Planning and execution

Identifying the key goals and vision for the project, lining up customer needs and team possibilities

Cost and RoI analysis

Followup the budget expending and time and material use, to meet succesful ROI and product quality

Business Process Definition

Support for defining business process integration, acting as the intermediate between customer and out team

SW, HW and cloud architectures

Support for defining the best architecture for the solution, including in-house and external components

Risk and crisis management

Analyze risk and act when crisis occurs, negotiating with customers and setting up critical response teams

Resource identification

Setting up the team with the required skills, interviewing, recruiting and assigning roles and tasks

Teams coordination

Coordination of multidisciplinar teams, internal or external to meat milestones

Delivery workflow

Design and implement a continuous delivery workflow for agile environments

Why interim management specialized on AIoT?

  • Quick and near-immediate incorporation of an expert to your team

  • Bias-free with fresh view of the problem and potential solutions

  • Wide expertise in IoT and AI with many use cases and lesson learned

  • Edge, embedded, cloud, integrations and communications knowledge

  • Controlled costs for a specific task or goal

  • Seamless and planned transition of knowledge to the team

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